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ROad Signs, 
Rehappening, Black Mountain, 2022
Road Signs is an interactive experiment that explores the ways in which we search for messages and meaning in the romantic notion of a road trip. Using imagery and sounds, from symbolism to the non-sequitur, and transforming space through art, light, video, and movement, we will emulate the poetry in roadside culture and leave the participants in a state of wanderlust.


Customer Service

Rehappening, Black Mountain, 2019

“Customer Service" is an interactive installation that explores the ways we claim identity through assembly line products. Much like the bizarre nature of interaction in a burrito line or filling out custom order options online, we want to take your order and make an object that is customized to your individuality.  The viewers become participants as they are lured into the product queue that will question their need for affirmation through consumption. 


Rehappening, Black Mountain, 2018

"Click Bait"  is an interactive landscape that explores the ways in which we find ourselves lured by our human desire and impulse. Drawing on thoughts from Richard Brautigan’s Trout Fishing in America, we want to highlight the human condition and the absurd nature of attraction.  “Click Bait” emulates the space inside the neon wilderness of a fish tank.

Screen Shot 2018-07-01 at 11.51.43 AM

Between the Sheets                                       Rehappening, Black Mountain, 2017

Between the Sheets" is an interactive dreamscape where the viewers will explore the psychology of lying down while standing up. Using imagery and sound from subtle realism to the non-sequitur, and transforming space through art, light, video, and movement, we will create dream scenarios that have a common thread and experience.


CMYK                  curated by Madalyn Wofford, The Refinerey, Asheville NC 2017

The color absorption of light waves create this visual experience. The artists in this installation create a multi-sensory experience immersed in light and color. Using the color model most commonly known in color printing, this installation will illuminate the different perspectives within each color which allow the viewer to experience the existing full color. Based in Asheville, this group of collaborative young artists will work to bring CMYK to life in the new Refinery space. 

Petri Dish
i’ll meet you by the third pyramid.
Portrait of Cyan Self.
Stone Mountain
Shadow Puppets.
Print Post
Sound Paint.
CMYK is Beautiful
Portrait of Magenta Shadow.

Obsession: To Sit On        

                    Interlude, Black Mountain College Museum, 2016

This installation investigates artists' obsessions. Working within the etymological confines of the word “obsess,” meaning “to sit on,” we aim to make the artist’s obsession, their resting place, take physical form.


Peep Show                  

              Double Take, Black Mountain College Museum, 2015

                                                                                                        {Re}happening, Lake Eden, 2015

Changes in physical perspective can facilitate us to our inner experiences when our very point of view mirrors what we seek to understand. Our effort is to frame the mystique of the mundane, using the senses as a tool with which we sculpt an emotional reactionOur intention with this piece is to use shifts in environmental perspectives to define the viewer as a kind of espionage with voyeuristic undertones.

Legend of the Blue Epoch        

                 {Re}Happening, Black Mountain, 2014

This installation questions the forthcoming dystopia that our infatuation with electronic connectivity is creating. By emphasizing the distance we create between our physical and mental awareness, our hope is to bring to light the importance of staying present during human contact and to our physical world.

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